A movie based on true events, that was inspired from Gustave. See it here Primeval



Length - Gustave is claimed to be 20 + - feet in length. Somebelieve that 20 feet is very much on the low side for his length. At this length Gustave challenges all prehistoric croc fossils in the prehistoric record.

Weight - Gustave is believed to be 2,000 + - pounds (1 Ton). Also in this case some have diferent views, as to 2,000 pounds to be on the lowside of Gustaves scale.

Age - In many of the articles, and books that state age for gustave they all put him at or around 60 years old.

Home - Gustave's asylum is in and around the Rusizi River, Ruziba river, and neighboring Lake Tanganyika. All of these locations are in or bordering Burundi, Africa.

Victims - Gustave is accused of attacking and/or killing 300 + - victims. (estimates are really unknown!)

Photos - I have yet to find any original photos myself of Gustave that are not copyrighted that I can post. Sadly you will have to get on various search engines to find these. If you would like to submit an uncopyrighted photo or photo(S) of Gustave please email me at thanks!